Wilmot solicitors Cirencester
Wilmot solicitors Cirencester
Wilmot solicitors Cirencester

Probate and estates

When someone dies, there is often a daunting amount to organise.  We can help you with this process.

Full details of all assets and liabilities must be identified to see whether inheritance tax is payable.  If a Grant of Probate is required, the executors named in the Will should apply for this. We can prepare the necessary forms for the Inland Revenue and the Probate Court.  We can also advise on all other matters arising in the estate, up to the point that it can be wound up and the funds paid out to the beneficiaries.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss an estate administration, or for a fee estimate.

Contact: sophie.endersby@wilmots.co.uk

Will Questionnaire

Please complete and submit our Will Questionnaire, or contact Sophie Endersby if you would like an estimate for preparing a Will.

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