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Agricultural land

The sale and purchase of agricultural land has many aspects that are very different to those for other land.

Turn on a tap in a house and it is likely to be a mains supply. But getting water to a field can involve water abstraction licenses, boreholes, easements across other land and hundreds of yards of pipes. The sale of a field may also involve the transfer of payment entitlements, stewardship and cross-compliance obligations. Add in environmental matters, listed buildings, grant schemes, tenancies, taxation, sporting rights and a Jackson Pollock-like array of footpaths, and you’ll see why it is important to have the right solicitor dealing with your agricultural and country estate property transactions.

Michael Gray was one of the first people in the country to qualify as a Fellow of the Agricultural Law Association, and offers specialist knowledge in agricultural land and the sale of country estates.

Contact: michael.gray@wilmots.co.uk